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To subscribe to SmartNet North America, please register & you will be contacted by your local SmartNet representative. You are just a few clicks away from using SmartNet North America.

Network coverage

SmartNet North America operates over 500 stations providing GNSS network coverage in 17 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Find out if your projects have coverage or see our complete coverage map!

Why SmartNet?

SmartNet is truly unique in the industry, between understanding customers' needs, developing and using the latest GNSS technologies, and having the people and process to offer support that is second to none, SmartNet provides unparalleled flexibility for its users in the field.
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About Us

SmartNet was built to provide high-precision, high-availability Network RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all. Using industry standard Network RTK messages, users of SmartNet can expect centimeter-level accuracies tied to a common datum.
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SmartNet offers its users many uniqure features and benefits, none of which matter if it doesn't save you time and help your bottom line. Take some time and see how SmartNet can benefit you and your company to maximize your use of GNSS positioning.
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